Aurora Camera Service is proud to be approved dealer for LEE Filters

Filters are indispensable for capturing scenery in difficult lighting conditions, enhancing colours, reducing reflections, and modifying light before it enters the lens.

From landscape photography to architectural, portraiture, and events, you need access to high-quality filters that meet all these needs and more.

Precision at your fingertips

We’ve spent decades working alongside photographers of the highest calibre. These years of experience go into every new product we create. Plus, we’re part of the pioneering Panavision Group. You can trust our tools to deliver — every time.

Whether you’re a professional or a passionate amateur, we’re here to ensure that you never miss the chance to capture that perfect shot. That’s the LEE Filters promise.

View our LEE Filter systems

The LEE85 system promises complete creative freedom. As the ultimate solution for any photography on the go, it can easily be attached, adjusted, and locked to the lens using just a finger and thumb.

LEE85 has been designed specifically for photographers with smaller cameras and lenses who want to travel light without compromising filter quality or versatility.

The LEE100 Filter System is designed by photographers, for photographers, with a combination of all the best aspects of our previous holder with enhanced features that deliver a faster and more intuitive experience.

As a staple in any landscape photographer’s toolkit, the innovative SW150 Mark II system can exaggerate perspective and emphasise drama without compatibility issues. This system is designed specifically for ultra-wide angle lenses, opening up all the same creative possibilities that are part of standard filter systems.

We have the products and expertise to help you discover your artistic vision. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, cinematographer or beginning your exciting journey behind the camera, start here.

Five filters. Infinite possibilities.

Our circular filter range combines a rugged, innovative design with class-leading optical performance.

LEE Filter System Match

The LEE Filters System Match tool will help you find your perfect match. Simply select your lens and the tool will then recommend the best LEE system — along with our other compatible systems — and the most suitable adaptor ring.