M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4.0 PRO

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154.990 kr.


It’s the world’s most compact, lightweight telephoto zoom lens among those with a fixed aperture and 300mm equivalent. This ultra-portable lens gives you world-class image quality plus all the imaging power to shoot landscapes, nature, birds and more. Think of how much more freedom you’ll have without being weighed down by big, bulky lenses. Plus, it’s fully weathersealed with an impressive IP53 rating so you can shoot without worry in harsh conditions. You can even take stunning macro shots. It might be compact and lightweight but you’ll find everything to take your images to exciting new places.


It’s anything but your standard telephoto lens. Some of the world’s finest glass and other features work together to create high resolution images you’ll love to show off.

Optics Designed For Performance

It’s an ideal lens for a wide range of telephoto shooting. Whether you’re shooting a single tree or an entire forest on a mountainside, you’ll get clear, crisp images across the entire zoom range. If you need to take a 50MP High Res shot, no problem. You’ll get edge to edge sharpness without any of the aberrations that usually come from using a telephoto zoom lens.

15 Elements In 9 Groups

M.Zuiko makes some of the world’s finest glass and has a global reputation for exceptional image quality. Our 40-150mm lens is no exception. You’ll find 15 elements arranged in 9 groups to deliver superior resolution without chromatic aberration. Even ghosting and flares are eliminated. There’s HR, Super ED, ED, and Aspherical lens all working together to capture images with sharpness from the center to the edges.

ZERO Coating

ZERO stands for Zuiko Extra Low Reflection Optical Coating. But what it really means is that you won’t get any unsightly ghosting or flares in your photos. It’s just one more way we help deliver world-class image quality.

Flourine Coating

When your lens gets wet, you need to clean it before taking the next shot. A fluorine coating helps you get rid of it quickly and cleanly. One wipe and it’s gone. No streaks or waterdrops left behind. You’ll wipe your lens quickly and more efficiently so you’ll get back to shooting faster.