M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1:8 silver

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175.990 kr.


The 75mm f1.8 is a high-grade, fast aperture portrait lens featuring metallic construction and a light weight of just 10.7 oz. With a 35mm equivalent focal length of 150mm, it is ideally suited for studio portraits, theatre stage, and indoor sports photography. A large, bright 50mm front lens element compliments a sophisticated optical design of 10 individual lens elements in 9 groups, including a total of 3 ED lenses and 2 HR lenses. Its large f1.8 maximum aperture captures clear, sharp images when the lights are low, while its MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) AF drive assures fast and nearly silent focusing.


M.Zuiko prime lenses feature fixed focal lengths ranging from the 12mm F1.8 lens that’s optimized for landscapes to the 75mm F1.8, a perfect portrait lens.

Beautiful Bokeh

Photographers who shoot a lot of portraits and still-lives are always seeking excellent bokeh.

Quiet Autofocus

The inclusion of the Movie & Still Compatible (MSC) mechanism provides amazingly fast – and nearly silent – autofocus operation.

Exquisite Quality

With ten individual lens elements in nine groups, metallic construction and a light weight of just 10.7 oz, this lens is a really advanced piece of engineering.