M.Zuiko Digital ED 8-25mm F4.0 PRO

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189.990 kr.


It’s an ultra-wide world. The M.Zuiko 8-25mm F4.0 PRO is perfect for capturing outdoor scenes and dramatic landscapes. It easily fits in your hand, weighs under a pound and features powerful magnification. No-worry, weathersealed construction lets you shoot spectacular images in all conditions. Ultra-wide. Portable. Perfect.


Our relentless drive to create the world’s best optics means one thing for you: capturing awe-inspiring photos.

Wide-Angle Zoom

Keep your distance while still getting close to your subject. Whether you’re taking an ultra-wide or a telephoto shot, the powerful 3.1x zoom will bring out the all the interesting details. This powerfully versatile outdoor lens gives you an endless array of creative options to capture any scene.

Bright, Fixed Aperture

Pick any focal point and open the aperture to its widest F4.0 setting. You’ll achieve the same high resolution every time. Sharpness and well-defined detail radiate from the center to the edges, giving you images you’re proud to show the world.

Fluorine Coating

You’re in the middle of a shoot and need to clean your lens. The 8-25mm PRO’s fluorine coating makes it easy. Dirt, dust, rain and snow can be quickly blown or wiped away without leaving streaks.


Pristine images require superior lens technology. The 8-25mm PRO boasts 16 lens elements and 7 types of glass, including Super ED and EDA lenses. The elements are arranged in 10 groups and configured to eliminate chromatic aberration, ghosts and flares. It’s what happens when you make some of the world’s finest glass.

ZERO Coating

ZERO stands for Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical Coating. It’s our own innovation for ensuring pristine images free of ghosts and flares.

Close-up Capability

A 9-inch minimum focusing distance across the entire zoom range lets you take stunning close-ups and expand your range of shooting possibilities. Enjoy a maximum .42x magnification (35mm equivalent) at the telephoto end of the focal range to help you capture intricate detail from far away.